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View showing excavation of cut off walls; cut off walls trenches, beginning of earth fill placement and method of transportation of fill to dam site
This view taken from upstream side of dam showing general progress of construction, namely of cut-off walls
This view is showing one complete section of drainage Tunnel Gallery.
View taken from South side of canyon; shows opening of north drainage tunnel and preliminary stages of construction on open drainage gallery section
View taken from upstream side of dam, across cutoff wall showing the peculiar formations of bedrock encountered in excavating
Another view taken from upstream side of dam showing upper cutoff wall, intermediate cutoff and pump sump in foreground
View showing a construction phase in building the upper cutoff wall on the North side of canyon. Note the reinforcement that goes into each cutoff wall
View taken from south side of canyon showing final cleanup work prepratory to placing earth fill. View also shows upper and intermediate cutoff walls, and in lower right hand corner you can see the placing of the earth fill
This view taken from downstream side of dam shows reinforcement steel being placed in upper cutoff wall.
This view taken from upstream side of dam showing pump sump and peculiar pocket formation of bedrock.
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